Provincial and Council


  • Soney Sebastian, Provincial

Provincial Council

  • Fr. Soney Sebastian, Provincial
  • Fr. Jon Kirby, Vice-Provincial
  • Fr. Hieu Trong Nguyen, Admonitor
  • Fr. Zbigniew Fraszczak, Councillor
  • Fr. Duong Nguyen, Councillor

Provincial Treasurer

  • Fr. Pavol Sochulak

Auto Fund and Insurance & Medical Plan Office

  • Fr. Pavol Sochulak

USW province center
11316 Cypress ave.
Riverside, CA 9505

Fr. Soney Sebastian
Fr. Soney Sebastian, Provincial
Fr. Jon Kirby
Jon Kirby,  Vice-Provincial
 Fr. Hieu Trong Nguyen
Fr. Hieu Trong Nguyen,  Admonitor
 zibi 1
Fr. Zbigniew Fraszczak, Councillor
duong 2
Fr. Duong Nguyen, Councillor
Fr. Pavol Sochulak
Fr. Pavol Sochulak, Treasurer 


District Superiors

The northern district

  • Fr. Peter Zhai, District Superior
  • Fr. Briccio Tomaro, Vice-Superior
  • Fr. Joseph Anthony Sebastian, Admonitor

The los angeles district

  • Fr. Frank Tinajero, District Superior
  • Fr. Emilio Reyes, Vice District Superior
  • Fr. Gary Reibe, Admonitor

The san bernardino district

  • Fr. Deebar Yonas, District Superior
  • Fr. Trung Mai, Vice District Superior
  • Fr. Benny Leu, Admonitor

The san diego district

  • Fr. Herman Manuel, District Superior
  • Fr. Reymundus Wea, Vice District Superior
  • Fr. Anthony Yang, Admonitor


  • Fr. Paul Schmidt, Rector
  • Fr. Long Van Nguyen, Vice-Rector
  • Fr. Donald O’Connor, Admonitor